We offer full-service leasing of signs, which means that for a monthly fee we supply your signs and make sure they are clean and working properly.

Just like leasing a building or leasing a vehicle, leasing a sign is a valid business decision for the following reasons:

1. Conserve working capital for inventory – it’s turning over that inventory that makes profits.

2. Budget a monthly expense – instead of having a large up-front investment into a sign.

3. Leasing a sign is advertising – let the sign pay for itself in increased sales.

4. Leasing allows you to get the right sign – don’t settle for less sign than you need to generate business.

5. Full-Service Leasing – more elaborate sign programs often require more maintenance than most companies want to budget for – our lease program provides for annual cleaning and on-call electrical parts replacement, all included in the monthly lease payment.

6. Leasing allows you to delegate responsibility for sign maintenance to us – any of your staff members can call us with a service request – we also night-spot our leased signs to detect problems that may go unnoticed by others.

7. Write offs – the cost of leasing a sign is completely written-off as an overhead expense.