We are proud to provide the highest quality signs available, made from superior materials and designed to last for many years. We specialize in powder-coated aluminum extrusion sign cabinets and welded sign structures designed to be easily accessible for routine maintenance and face changes.

Pylon Signs

In the sign industry we call any type of free-standing double-sided sign a pylon sign. They can be as small as a low-level entrance sign or as large as a multi-tenant mall sign. Pylon signs are installed at the edge of your property, beside the road, and are designed to be read by passing motorists.

Care must be taken to keep your message clear, concise and uncluttered for the best readability. Pylon signs are a cost-effective form of advertising, reaching all the people who drive past your business on a regular basis.

Facia Signs

Any type of wall-mounted sign is called a facia sign. We will carefully survey your location and design your sign to maximize its advertising potential.

Face Replacements

Over time, white plastic sign faces turn yellow with age, especially older lexan panels and flexible fabric faces. Replacing the faces in your sign will make your whole sign look new and fresh.

Often businesses update their logo and don’t change their graphics on their sign, which reduces the effectiveness of the sign. Most signs have vinyl graphics, which can be stripped and replaced, for a quick and easy way to refresh the look of your business.

Vinyl graphics have a life expectancy of 5 to 10 years, depending on the quality of the product and amount of sun exposure. We use 3M™ Scotchcal™ translucent graphic films, which in our many years of experience we have found to be the best quality and most durable product available.

Channel Letters

Any type of 3-dimensional illuminated letters are called channel letters. Channel letters can be illuminated with neon or LEDs. Neon channel letters are often open-faced to showcase the neon. Closed-channel letters have acrylic faces and can be halo-lit. Channel letters are often mounted to a raceway which contains the wiring and power supplies to minimize the amount of holes required in the wall and improve accessibility for servicing.

Electronic Message Centres

Electronic message centres are changeable copy LED signs that are programmed from a computer. They have a black background and either red, amber or full-colour LEDs. They are available in any size imaginable, from small interior models to large billboard displays.

Electronic message centres are a convenient and effective way to reach your customers with any type of message, from advertising your daily specials to displaying the time and temperature or posting information regarding community or charitable events.


Read-o-graphs are changeable copy signs that have rigid acrylic letters that slide on plastic tracks. They are a very cost-effective way to advertise your products and specials or post information for the community. Over time, read-o-graph tracks get dirty and letters get broken. We can clean or replace your read-o-graph tracks and supply new letters as required.

Gemini Canada

We are a distributor for Gemini letters, logos and plaques. They carry a wide selection of dimensional letters that can be viewed at

Dri Wash N Guard

We are a distributor for Dri Wash N Guard Waterless Car Wash. We have used dri-wash for many years to keep our signs looking their best. It extends the life of vinyl graphics and is especially good at keeping flexible face material from accumulating dirt. It’s also good for cleaning and polishing vehicles, which is what it was designed for. It removes oxidization and makes the paint colours look deep and rich, with the added bonus of resisting dust and dirt between washes. More information is available at or ask to see a 30 second demo.