We have the equipment and experience to repair any type of sign or lighting. Like most equipment, signs perform best with regular maintenance. If lamps are left burnt out for extended periods of time, they put an uneven load on the ballast, causing it to also stop working. Signs are usually located in high traffic areas and tend to get quite dirty from pollution. If they aren’t cleaned regularly, they can develop permanent stains that can be quite unsightly. Protect your investment and reduce your long-term costs by calling us for an annual cleaning and servicing of your sign.


In addition to installing our own signs, we install signs for businesses that have their signs fabricated in a central location, but need a local sign company to install them. If your business is moving, we can take your sign down and re-install it at your new location, to co-ordinate with your moving dates.


We are familiar with the requirements of the local city bylaws on Vancouver Island, and will facilitate the application process to get a city permit for your sign. There is also a requirement to get an Electrical Permit for all electric sign installations in BC through the BC Safety Authority. We are a licensed and bonded electrical contractor and able to fulfill this requirement for your company.


We have welding leads to the bucket of our truck with a 60’ reach capacity, so are able to perform aerial welding for you, or lift your welder in our bucket to easily and safely reach the most awkward welding situations. It also has an extra large bucket to hold material and tools.  The welder/generator on our truck is also available when on-site welding is required at ground level.  In the shop, we specialize in TIG welded aluminum fabrication for signs and other structures.

Parking Lot Lighting

We have a licensed sign and lighting electrician to repair your parking lot lighting and the right equipment to get the job done. Our smaller truck has 30’ reach, which is adequate for most jobs and doesn’t require the use of outriggers, so it can fit in tight parking lots without disrupting the flow of traffic. Our larger truck has 60’ reach and a two-man bucket.